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Elisha Sauers

Elisha Sauers is the space and future tech reporter for Mashable, interested in asteroids, astronauts, and astro nuts. In over 15 years of reporting, she's covered a variety of topics, including health, business, and government, with a penchant for FOIA and other public records requests. She previously worked for The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia, and The Capital in Annapolis, Maryland, now known as The Capital-Gazette. She's won numerous state awards for beat reporting and national recognition(opens in a new tab) for narrative storytelling. Send space tips and story ideas to [email protected](opens in a new tab) or text 443-684-2489. Follow her on Twitter at @elishasauers(opens in a new tab)

By Elisha Sauers
These new telescope images of the sun are just spectacular

Bezos can finally make NASA a moon lander. It's called Blue Moon.

Scientists wonder if a dark, volcanic world could host life

Saturn's rings may have formed as dinosaurs roamed Earth

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Webb may have just found an Earth-like world with an atmosphere

NASA refuses to let go of its aging interstellar explorer

Daring private moon lander ran out of fuel before crash

A daring company is about to try landing on the moon. You can watch it.

The SpaceX Starship explosion was deliberate

Get ready: SpaceX Starship will try to fly again soon

SpaceX Starship explodes during Herculean attempt to blast into space

This galactic collision made a blast brighter than 1 trillion suns

The Webb Telescope finally shows us Uranus' glorious rings

Europe will launch a spacecraft to Jupiter. Here's how to watch.

What the Webb Telescope can tell us about the TRAPPIST planets

A speeding black hole is birthing baby stars across light years

How Webb just changed our concept of Uranus forever

Mars scientists spent 6 years making the most detailed image of the planet

NASA's Artemis 2 commander Reid Wiseman isn't perfect
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