International Orders

International 3D printer ordersHere at iDig3Dprinting we are very flexible so although non-UK orders can not be made directly from the website if you email us your order we will manually process it for you.

We are currently in the process of automating our international orders so until this happens, if you have found something that you want to buy and can’t find closer to home then please get in touch and we will be happy to raise an invoice for you.

If your order counts as an export or you are VAT registered in the EU then you will not have to pay VAT if the order is shipped direct to you. Shipping prices can vary between destination country but this method of processing international orders allows us to look for the best price we can.



How to make an international 3D printer order

  1. Make a note of which 3D printer products you want to order. Please bear in mind that it may be better to make larger orders than normal as some shipping costs can be expensive, dependent upon the destination i.e. shipping one spool of PLA to Antarctica may not prove that cost effective.
  2. Go to our contacts page
  3. put “international order” in the subject heading, list the items you want to order, include your Name, shipping address, billing address, email, telephone and say whether you are a business that is registered for tax and include your tax reference number.

We will then use your information to create an account for you on our system and raise an invoice which you can then pay. Job done.

Happy 3D printing