Educational discounts

iDig 3D printing is a great supporter of technology in education and where possible we seek to help Schools, Colleges and Universities make the most of additive manufacturing as a learning tool in Design & Technology, the Sciences and Engineering.

The role of 3D printing in Learning

The role of additive manufacturing in the classroom, as a learning tool, can be both powerful and varied in its application. Its use is functional and process driven. It allows for the development of design principals from theoretical and applied standpoints, the theory of design and how the design process is influenced by the constraints of the manufacturing process. Students can also develop an understanding 3D modelling techniques and the computer control of manufacturing machinery with G-code. Lastly, but not least, it allows students to develop objects for application in other problems and other areas of study, for example the physics of aerodynamics with 3D printed CO2 cars or astronomy with the 3d printing of the 67p comet. The opportunities to use 3D printers in the class room are limited only by our imagination.

3D Printing Educational Discounts

In keeping with iDig 3D printing’s support for additive manufacturing in education we would like to offer discounts to Schools, Universities and Colleges on our 3D printing range of products. We cannot offer a set discount rate, I am afraid, as we also have to keep an eye on our cash flow,different products have different margins. What we can do though is give you a quote. If you are a University, College or School and would like to make the most of 3D printing as a learning and teaching tool then please get in touch. We can discuss your needs and put a package together for you at a nice price.

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